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Government organizations with tight budgets are often stuck with inefficient IT systems that reduce the quality of their services. Worse still, a government agency’s lack of funding can also lead to weak security for digital assets, making them a prime target for ransomware attacks. Dozens of American cities are crippled by ransomware every year, but this outcome can be avoided by outsourcing IT responsibilities to a Managed Services Provider like Net A Corp.

Our services give you access to an entire team of veteran IT technicians for less than the cost of a single new hire. No matter what systems you’re using, we’ll increase your operational efficiency so you can do more with less while staying on budget. We’ll also employ cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that protect you from ransomware and other online threats while keeping you in line with any regulations you are beholden to.


IT Support and Solutions from Net A Corp allow government organizations to:

  • Benefit from a fully equipped and staffed IT support team for a fraction of the cost of a new hire
  • Increase operational efficiency while staying within tight budgets
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with any government regulation
  • Protect their systems and data from any current or emerging malware, scams, or other online threats

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