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Our IT services keep students learning and growing with the times

Having computers in schools is absolutely critical to the future success of students. Technology is an inescapable part of our society and those who don’t learn to leverage it will be at a severe disadvantage. Technology is a boon to students (especially those from low-income households), but the tech they use to learn must work and work well for them to get any benefit. Teachers too can benefit from better management tools and interactive lessons, as long they aren’t outdated or always on the fritz.

Net A Corp’s very first vision was to bring affordable, reliable technology services to educational institutions. Our cutting-edge IT solutions help the back end with student management and data collection, and the front end with integrated cloud solutions for more effective and interactive lessons that leverage the latest in educational technology. Our flat-rate, 24/7 IT support also ensures that school tech resources are always operating safely and optimally in that most strenuous of environments: the hands of children.


IT Support and Solutions from Net A Corp allow educational institutions to:

  • Cut IT costs and provide better technology to their students
  • Efficiently manage student data, curriculum, and more with intuitive cloud-based solutions
  • Maintain a large number of devices and machines for affordable rates
  • Exert tighter control over existing technology to ensure student safety and productivity
  • Rest easy knowing that their IT provider is fully committed to the success of their institution and students

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