Hourly Support

Get only as much support as you need without the fluff

On demand and à la carte, what you need when you need it

Not every business needs constant monitoring and maintenance. Maybe they just don’t have enough computers to warrant it, or they have an IT person on it already. Sometimes all a company needs is for someone to come in and fix something they or their internal IT personnel can’t. Hourly support is perfect for that.

Net A Corp provides repair and troubleshooting services by the hour so you don’t have to get locked into an agreement or contract. Our expert technicians will get in, get the job done right, and get you back to work fast. No more paying for a service your company doesn’t require. We’re only a phone call or message away.


We provide hourly repair and troubleshooting services for:

  • Malware removal
  • Software/hardware maintenance
  • Cable, Wi-Fi, and infrastructure repair
  • Hardware repair and replacement
  • Software/hardware updates and installation

Outsourced IT

Get support whenever you need it to prepare for the unexpected

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Managed IT Services

Get the benefits of a full-fledged IT department for less

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Get a fast and efficient network designed by experienced engineers

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